Polynesian Warmth and Charm

The design brief for the cabin redesign of the of the A340 fleet for a Tahitian airline was to treat the world to beauty of Polynesian. Our design was driven by the many aspects of Polynesian charm, with all its authenticity, while also creating an aircraft interior design with a contemporary look and feel.

Upon entering the cabin, one steps on a hardwood floor, and looks up to see a view of a Tahitian blue lagoon with a vista of bungalows set over turquoise-colored water. The trompe l’oeil effect on the cabin wall sets the tone for entering passengers by giving them the impression of standing in front of a Tahitian bungalow overlooking a lagoon.

The choice of colors and materials for the aircraft interior evokes the sensations one experiences when first arriving in Polynesia: the warmth of its woods, the intensity of its blues, the luminosity of the islands, and the greenness of its vegetation.

In Business Class, we chose an understated fabric pattern for the business class seats against a backdrop of turquoise blue, with a pearly stitch punctuating the design, reminiscent of the brilliance of mother-of-pearl shells found in the Tahitian landscape. 

The entire cabin has alternating whites and warm grays, notably on the shells surrounding business-class seats.  The color choice represents the tone and brilliance of the white sandy beaches, as well as the ethereal aspects of the black pearl, an integral part of the richness of Polynesia.  In addition, a green palm motif was created for the pillows.  The jolt of green provides a certain freshness to the space.  It was important to imbibe the general color harmony with touches of green because, while Polynesia offers magnificent shades of blue in its waters, the shades of green found in the vegetation are equally varied and rich.

The Tiare flower, symbol of the airline, is found randomly resting on the headrests, as if floating on water.  Used as a decorative element, the flower is presented off-center and in different sizes, as if randomly scattered throughout the cabin.

The pillows designed for economy class are inspired by the style of the Tahitian handicraft called “tifaifai”.  These colorful pillows are displayed in economy class as if representing exotic fruit hanging in the landscape.

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