Contemporary Luxury Treatment

The sophisticated and timeless interior design created for this Boeing BBJ MAX draws attention to the added level of comfort available in the BBJ MAX 737.

The private jet reflects a modern and contemporary interior characterized by clean lines and furniture made of luxury materials, blended with the latest technologies for VIP aircraft interiors.

The aircraft is designed to fly a group of 10 to 18 passengers with 2 VIP flight attendants. The layout consists of an entrance area with galleys and crew rest area, followed by a lie-flat seat section that can sit 8 passengers, a dining and lounge area, a private office, a private bedroom, and a bathroom with shower.

Particular attention was paid to the space arrangement and design features in the VIP section, in order to give the private jet owner and accompanying passengers a greater sense of space and comfort.

With a social area accessible to all (dining/lounge) in the central part of the airplane, this layout allows guests to sit and sleep in the front, while the back of the aircraft is reserved for the VIP family.

Smart TVs are used for the lounge and bathroom screens and mirrors, allowing a tailored design which can display flight information / news / weather and time to arrival destination  Additional technological features include dimmable electrochromic windows for the entire aircraft, coupled with LED mood lighting accents surrounding the windows.

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