Getting There in Style

The Casino Jet Lounge is a refined entertainment and social area designed for long‐haul commercial flights. Bridging the gap between commercial and private aviation, the interior design for this innovative concept features a blackjack table in a bar and lounge area that gives First, Business and VIP passengers the ability to stretch their legs in an alluring gathering space.

The design has mid‐century modern attributes, with two central elements: a casino blackjack table and a bar counter. Some interesting features include a convivial seating area, a tactile‐menu bar, and holographic screens.

The goal with the design was to break conventional rules of airline interiors by introducing club chairs and an interactive bar table. The materials applied included leather for the sofas and armchairs, a mix of polycarbonate and paint for the furniture, wooden decorative film for the table tops, and resin for the bar tops.

The space is characterized by ceiling domes and a sofa seating arrangement, elements more typical of private jet interiors. The furniture architecture was designed to create two realms in one: a daytime space and an evening ambience. During the day, lace‐like carvings in the furniture lighten the appearance. The four club chairs that punctuate the space float like Japanese lanterns in a Zen garden. It is an aircraft interior design style that is contemporary, light, and airy.

The color harmony incorporates natural materials such as minerals and woods, intended to promote a sense of well-being. White stone is used throughout the space, which is warmed by elements in bamboo. The totality is softened by the texture of the white leather used on the seats.

As night falls, the luminosity given off by the wall sconces, ceiling domes and illuminated wall panel housing wine bottles, transforms the space and transcends the passenger into the dramatic setting of a stylish lounge. The mood lighting stimulates the senses through subtle changing hues and becomes a source of ornamentation.

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