Artfully Breaking Convention

The highlight of the design for this private jet is an aquarium located in the central area of an A320 aircraft. The lighting, filtration, heating and feeding features of the aquarium have been integrated into the surrounding credenza. The aquarium has been designed to withstand flight turbulence and changing cabin pressure during flight at 30,000 feet. A specially designed water-tight canopy prevents the aquarium water from spilling during flight.

The aircraft also features a unique bathroom with a transparent shower stall. The glass separation between the bedroom and bathroom not only gives this area of the cabin a spacious feel, but also integrates a new generation transparent OLED TV monitor. The TV connects to the onboard Wi-Fi system and when turned off, the glass becomes transparent again.

The aircraft is designed to fly a group of 8 passengers with 2 VIP flight attendants. The layout consists of an entrance area with galleys, a VIP lavatory, crew rest area with storage cabinets, a forward-facing seating area, a dining section, a lounge, a private bedroom and a bathroom with shower.

The furniture design is modern with clean, minimal lines and is complemented by a color and material selection characterized by white Italian full-grain leather, zebra wood, white Carrera marble, and satin nickel trim. Wool and silk hand-tufted carpet was designed in a sand color with circular blue forms representing waves and water ripples.

Found throughout the cabin on the aircraft valance panels is a coral motif made out of polished metallic inlays. Tropical fish ornaments and vivid colored pillows, as well as artwork, are also included throughout the cabin to add vibrant colors

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