Modern Pied-à-Terre at Sea

The inspiration for the creation of this interior was to provide the yacht owner with an upscale experience of luxury living, by blending exclusive materials and craftmanship with a selection of personalized art pieces in a pastel blue and grey color palette. This project of luxury yacht design, a unique venture in the yachting world, embraces the elegance synonymous with high-end yachts, offering an exclusive oasis that stretches over its expansive length.

Carrara marble is laid out in with a chevron pattern on the floor and used for the bar and decorative wall around the mirror TV in the dining area, becoming a defining element in the design of the yacht.

Natural shagreen leather and wood marquetry with a high gloss finish complement the material selection to provide a feel of fine luxury, without being overstated. This interior brings a sense of comfort and refinement that befits the large expanse of this masterpiece of naval design.

A curated selection of exclusive bronze artwork pieces complement the interior.  The dividing partition is decorated with two creations from sculptor Jim Ritchie (“Galinea, 1996” and “Jeune Fille, 1994”), while “Belia” echoes with “La Joie de Vivre” (Lipa, 1932) on the side consoles of the lounge and bar area.  Another figurative bronze from Jim Ritchie “At the Beach, 2011” decorates the console in the dining area, contributing to this unique yacht design narrative.

On the central dividing partition, a glass and silver leaf and powder sculpture from Cypriot artist Yorgos Papadopoulos (“Eye of Serenity”) provides the final touch for the artwork.

This project has been awarded the 2022 International Yacht and Aviation Awards.

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