Paris at Sea

In the expansive world of yacht crafting, the intersection of luxury and creative design holds a special place. Standing at this juncture is “En Couleur”, a spectacular sailing vessel designed by Airjet Designs.

This yacht interior shares the same layout and styling of L’Elegance yacht. However, it introduces a unique color scheme that plays with purple, brown, and greys. Additionally, it boasts a different selection of sculptures and artwork.

The modern French interior design style is preserved but proposed with a more energetic and vibrant variation of colors. The luxurious living room exudes elegance and warmth, adorned with modern furniture and decor that seamlessly blend comfort with contemporary aesthetics. The eye-catching ceiling fixture casts warm light throughout the room, illuminating all its beautiful details.

The dividing partition is decorated with two creations from Jim Ritchie “Galinea” (1996) and “Jeune Fille”, while side consoles of the bar and lounge areas are adorned with “Simpatico” from Christopher Curtis (2013) and Infinity (2021) by Kuno Vollet.

A final decoration touch is also given on the dividing partition with a custom-made faceted decorated mirror with inserts of Alabaster and dark Emperador Marble.

This yacht interior brings a sense of comfort and opulence, seamlessly marrying the traditional elegance inherent in yacht design with contemporary flair. With “En Couleur”, luxury is not just an attribute but an experience, where every detail, from the hues that grace the interiors to the carefully chosen artwork, reflects a dedication to aesthetic excellence and innovation.

Yacht Interior Design
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