Head of State - A340 Design

Head of State - A340 Design


Modern Retrofit Challenge

This head of State Airbus A340 was in need of a fresh interior after seeing years of service.  Our design was driven by the need to convey a feel of modernity and exclusive luxury, by bringing a completely new styling to the interior with new CMF options, within defined budget and fabrication worskcope.

It was crucial for our team to ensure that the redesigned interior resonated with an air of distinction and elegance. Furthermore, the redesign took into consideration the essence of the Airbus A340’s legacy, subtly weaving its historical significance with contemporary design elements to create a harmonious blend of the past and present.

The design effort then focused on keeping the existing aircraft layout, seat frames, cabinetry structures and aircraft interfaces in order to control outfitting costs, and on giving the interior a renewed feel of modernity and luxury.

New wood veneers, new seat styling and new lighting decorative elements, and selected artwork were carefully blended throughout the cabin to successfully reach the design objectives.

About the Airbus A340

The Airbus A340 stands as an epitome of luxury in the realm of private aviation.

With its expansive interiors and advanced technological features, this aircraft provides an unparalleled canvas for customization.

For discerning jet owners seeking to transform their flying experience, the A340 offers the opportunity to infuse personal tastes.

Whether it’s adopting a theme that resonates with a favorite destination or integrating state-of-the-art amenities, the A340’s design capabilities ensure that every flight becomes an extension of its owner’s unique style and preferences.

It’s more than just an aircraft, it’s a statement of individuality and elegance in the skies.

For more insights and details on our specialized aircraft design services, explore our private jet design page.

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