SIKORSKY - S92 interior




The Sikorsky S‑92 helicopter stands out as an epitome of engineering brilliance and avant-garde technology, complemented by opulent finishes throughout. Merging the nimbleness of a helicopter with the comfort, safety, and productivity of a lavishly designed aircraft, the S‑92 offers a seamless travel experience. This Sikorsky S92 interior refurbishment project was driven by the desire of the owner to give the aircraft a true touch of modernity and luxury through the use of the latest technology and luxury craftsmanship.

The emphasis was placed on upgrading the on-board video screens and to integrate a switchable mirror partition to separate the forward and aft sections of the cabin, which integrates a TV screen that blends into the mirror seamlessly.

A subtle metal trim work was also made on tabletops, sideledges and around window openings to add to the luxury feel of the final result, along with the addition of diamond marquetry on the tabletops, and redesigned front and back partitions with golden inlays.

Seat styling has also been re-defined with a subtle mix of Alcantara, Aniline-dyed cowhide with a wax finish and a clear protective topcoat, and gold buttons.

About the Sikorsky S92 helicopter

In the modern travel landscape, both executives and state leaders demand aircraft that epitomize comfort, security, and functionality.

The Sikorsky S92 helicopter rises to meet these needs and goes beyond. Boasting a spacious interior that accommodates nine passengers, the Sikorsky S‑92 can be enhanced with bespoke features such as a galley, closets, wet bar, and restroom.

Beyond its advanced engineering, the Sikorsky S92 interior provides passengers with an opulent in-flight experience, adorned with high-end finishes and amenities.

As an embodiment of both power and elegance, it’s a preferred choice for those who value efficiency and comfort in their aerial travels. For more insights and details on our specialized aircraft design services, explore our private jet design page.

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