The Stallion : Airbus A320 design

Modern Art Deco Inspiration

The personalized interior created for this Airbus A320 design blends artisan craftsmanship and clean modern lines to provide a sensation of luxury. This harmonious fusion of Art Deco inspiration and contemporary aesthetics creates an environment that is not only visually elegant but also offers the utmost comfort for an exceptional in-flight experience.

The aircraft is designed for 10 passengers with 2 VIP flight attendants. The layout consists of an entrance area with galleys and crew rest area, followed by a lounge and bar that can sit 10 passengers, a dining and meeting area, a private bedroom, and a bathroom with shower.

One of the main objectives of this Airbus A320 design was to provide passengers with an exceptional feeling of refinement by blending exclusive materials such as straw marquetry and alabaster mosaic and uniquely designed decorative features, reminiscent of the Art Deco and Cubist art movements.

“Angélique” and “Walking Figure” limited edition Bronze sculptures from Jim Ritchie greet passengers in the entrance area and are complemented by a unique chrome-on-resin sculpture of a raging horse in the lounge, designed by Jean-Pierre Alfano.

About the Airbus A320

Renowned for its operational efficiency, cutting-edge technology, and reliable performance, the Airbus A320 offers a compelling option for private aviation. Initially launched in the late 1980s as part of the broader Airbus A320 family, including the A318, A319, and A321, this aircraft broke new ground in the aviation industry with its pioneering fly-by-wire control systems and highly adaptable cockpit interfaces. The Airbus A320 can be fully customized and tailored to meet the exacting standards and unique tastes of its owner.

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